HotFlush Machine...

Hot Flush Transmission Cooler Flusher

Why it works...

Hot Oil is an excellent carrying agent of debris.  The viscosity of it actually grabs hold of foreign material and carries it with it.  The molecules surround the debris, preventing it from becoming attached to its surroundings.

The detergents in ATF also help to clean away varnish when under agitation.

! Solvents, which other machines use, do little to carry away debris that are under these conditions.  It actually dries up the environment that the debris is in, causing it to cling to its surroundings.

The only way to dislodge the material that gets caught in the webbing of the cooler is by completely reversing the flow for a micro second!  The split second reverse is just long enough to dislodge the debris!

Pulsating pumps that fluctuate between 0-40 PSI, because of the slowness of the action, has little effect by the time it reaches the cooler and does nothing to dislodge debris!

The problems that face tehnicians are they can't take a cooler apart and clean it.  They can't see the debris, and they can't get at it with a tool.  A contaminated cooler will cause the transmission to fail!  There can be enough debris in it to easily cause multiple comebacks.  With traditional methods of flushing all they can do, at best, is make an educated guess as to whether or not the cooler is clean.

With your reputation on the line, can you afford such a guess

The high speed, computer controlled flushing action is the only way to remove the debris that gets caught in the thousands of "traps" inside the cooler.  Combine that with the patented process of being able to see the debris as it gets caught in the 28 micron checkable catch screen and you eliminate guessing.

Once the debris has worked it's way though the cooler, the only way to verify that fact is by seeing it on a checkable screen!

Canister type filters, no matter how fine, have no way of showing you the debris or when you're done.

Hot Flush Applications
Oil coolers
Heat Exchangers
Hydraulic systems
Industrial oil coolers
Generator coolers
Air to air cooler
Air to oil cooler
Oil to oil cooler
Oil to air cooler
Power steering cooler
Wind generators
Turbine oil coolers
Commercial equipment
Heavy duty trucks
Preventing repeat repair
Fixed wing aircraft
Rotary wing aircraft
Hydrostatic service
High performance oil cooler
Heat Exchanger flusher