Product Special Features ...

  • #28 micron checkable cleaning screen (PATENTED) let's you see what's coming out of the cooler and when it's done giving up debris.
  • High speed, computer controlled flushing process(PATENTED) flow reverses in 1/10th of a second, for a ¼ second, every 3 seconds (just long enough to dislodge debris) and then keep it moving through the cooler.
  • Regular ATF, heated 10 185° - 195° is an excellent carrying agent.  (PART OF THE PATENTED PROCESS)
  • Built in flow meter helps you gauge the progress of the contamination removal and verifies adequate flow rate.
  • Auto shut off timers(3 presets)
  • Dirty Filter - Auto Shut Off
  • Clean out switch purges oil from cooler.