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Independent Test...

An Independent research facility conducted a number of tests on the Hot Flush machine.

They were provided with four coolers removed from vehicles that had transmission failures.  The images on the below are the results of flushing AFTER the coolers were flushed with a major competitor's flusher.

My opinion based on my experience with cooler flushers, including the ones we build in our facility, this is the best concept for flushing I have ever seen.

Independent Research Facility

Competition vs. Hot Flush
Click on the Pictures below for a larger view.

Remember:  These coolers were cleaned by the Hot Flush AFTER they were cleaned by the competitors flusher and the Hot Flush STILL found more clutch material.

Below is a transmission cooler shown before and
after it was cleaned by the Hot Flush.
Keep in mind that it takes very little clutch material or particles of any kind to cause a transmission breakdown.

Why does the Hot Flush work so much better than any other flusher in the transmission industry?

It's the ONLY flusher that actually allows you to SEE when your cooler or heat exchange is fake rolex sale clean. With other flushers, all you have is a best guess.