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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Hot Flush system. Originally, the Hot Flush was designed for the Automotive Industry to clean the contamination from the transmission cooler after the transmission had failed; to prevent repeat and premature failures. Today, Hot Flush is the #1 choice for cleaning oil coolers and heat exchangers in many industries, including Industrial. We are the only patented flushing system in the world that will remove 99.99% of debris, varnish and other damaging materials from oil coolers/heat exchangers and lines.

Why hot flush...

Heat Exchangers are specifically designed for the transfer of heat from one material or another. There are many types of heat exchangers used today, but one problem remains constant in all of them; Fouling.

Fouling is deposits of materials that can accumulate on the exchanger surface in turn robbing them of their effectiveness; causing process energy costs to rise, increase equipment downtime, and ultimately requiring expensive plant outages. Fouling is an on going industry problem estimated to cost the United States more than $4 billion each year.

To deal with potential fouling, companies have gone to the extreme of installing over sized heat exchangers and installing duplicate exchangers to continue operations while the other is in service. Once fouling has occurred, the industry has had to solely rely on the off-site high pressure hydro-blasting, brushing and scraping methods, and by the use of chemical cleaning.

The Hot Flush Solution

The Hot Flush system delivers a fully automated patented process that utilizes high speed reverse flushing, air injection and filtration when necessary.

Since there is no one chemical or form that fits all applications, we provide on-site analysis to determine the type of cleaning solution and system based on the contamination and application

For a fixed on-site solution, we can set up our reverse flushing technology and filtration system on-site and attach it directly to your system to reduce/eliminate the contamination. We have the ability to custom design machines to meet the specification of each application; including fluid, flow and when necessary, laser particle counting.

Additionally, flushing should be performed as part of a diagnostic point in a proactive maintenance schedule to detect problems before they become catastrophic.

"Oil coolers have been compared to a 30 micron or finer filter"

The Hot Flush System Serves industries such as... Food & beverage, refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical, power stations and more.