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In-house Cleaning...

Unlike other companies that have failed you - Hot Flush will not let you down. Our equipment cleans 1 1/2 million oil coolers a year, more than anyone in the World. We clean, oil coolers, heat exchangers, air to air coolers, AC condensers, charge air coolers, vintage airplanes and cars, heavy equipment coolers, articulated truck coolers and wind generators on a daily basis, with a 24 hr turn around.

Utilizing our patented flushing process, we are 100% certain no other company can get your cooler/heat exchanger as clean as we can.  We are so confident, that all orders are guaranteed clean to your company's specification, determined by our laser particle counter that keeps track of micron size & ppm.   A sample of the contamination is sent back with all cleaned coolers/heat exchangers. If Hot Flush determines your cooler/heat exchanger to be defective (including leaks), our assessment is free with the exception of shipping & handling.  

Contact us at 1-800-852-5713 or fill out our contact form on the web and one of our cooler and heat exchanger cleaning professionals will let you know how we can save you money and about how to send us your cooler or heat exchanger to have it cleaned at our main facility and set back to you.