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A-1 Automotive
Bruce Bekkerus - Owner
Moorhead, MN
The HOT FLUSH HF345S is a MUST HAVE unit for your shop.  My name is Bruce Bekkerus, owner of A-1 Automotive Transmission Svc, founded in 1960.  We purchased our first HOT FLUSH in 1996.  All of the machines we have had, have more than paid for themselves in a short time in prevented comebacks because of the ability to know that you have the radiator clean by inspecting their #28 micron screen.  The unit has an added benefit in that fact the integrity of your cooler line system is checked before the trans is installed which saves time and money on every job.  This unit virtually eliminates valve sticking after overhauls.  This latest unit has many very nice features.  Your HOT FLUSH purchase should benefit your whole rebuilding operation.

A-1 Transmission Specialist
Charles E. Doyle Jr.
Kerrville, TX
We purchased a HF345S this month and my technicians are very pleased with its performance.  There is no doubt in my mind that as a result of using your HOT FLUSH  machine we will eliminate subsequent transmission failures due to debris being forced out from the cooler into the transmission.

We have found that by being able to visually inspect the screen that filters the debris coming out from the cooler while being flushed with the HOT FLUSH machine, our technicians know when the cooler is clean.  Therefore, a clean cooler produces fewer comebacks, which generates more profit for the company.

Furthermore, the HOT FLUSH machine has made my technicians' jobs easier because they can just set it and forget it.  The results from the HOT FLUSH machine are not only faster but safer and much more efficient.

At A-1 Transmission Specialist our most valued final product is a fixed automobile that does not come back as a failure because of an improperly flushed cooler.  We are very pleased with the HOT FLUSH machine and do not know how we got along the past 25 years without it.  I would like to say in closing that with the number of unexplained comebacks due to debris in one of our quality rebuilt transmissions, if we could have reduced that number by only 10% , this company would have saved enough money to buy several HOT FLUSH machines.

A-1 United Transmissions
John Chalfant - Shop Foreman
Garland, TX
After 25 years of rebuilding transmissions, the HOT FLUSH has made my job easier and more confident about cooler contamination problems.  The HOT FLUSH is easy to use and I have no problems explaining to my mechanics how to operate it.  It saves me many hours of shop time and hundreds of dollars in coolers, as we no longer have to install them on a rebuild.  This is a product that I have seen advertised for years and finally made the decision to purchase.  I should have done it sooner.  Thanks HOT FLUSH! (Hint for Contest: Hover your mouse over Jay on Hot Flush's home page)

AAMCo Transmissions
Lydia F. Ertle - President
Toledo, OH
AAMCo Transmission has hundreds of locations from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada.  AAMCo's Service Philosophy is the reason why millions of customers have trusted us to repair their vehicles over the past four decades.  This is why at my center, in Toledo, we insist on flushing each vehicle with our HOT FLUSH machine.  Shop owners that care about their customers and their reputation will use HOT FLUSH!

The HOT FLUSH machine has been and will continue to be an intrical part of our business.  I attribute our success rate and very low rate of comeback directly to this machine.  This is the most advanced flusher on the market.  We have owned several others, such as G-tec Turbo Tank, that simply do not do the job that the HOT FLUSH machine does.  Some of the features that make the HOT FLUSH machine so vital are:

INSTANT REVERSE FLOW:  where the primary direction of the flow changes automatically to break up the debris.

AIR INJECTION SYSTEM:  forces fluid through the line for additional cleaning.

CHECKABLE 28 MICRON FLUID FILTER:  catches even the smallest particles.

HEATER:  heats fluid it flushes in only 10 minutes.

Due to our extremely high volume, I recently added an additional machine.  This will guarantee that every vehicle is properly flushed before leaving our center.  After having this machine, I simply would not attempt to run a transmission shop without it.

Aamco Transmissions in Cedar Rapids
Todd Schultz - Owner
Cedar Rapids, IA
We did a test today where we flushed two contaminated coolers.  First we ran the older style slow reversing HOT FLUSH machine (that automatically changes direction of flow every four minutes) on each of the coolers until the machine stopped producing debris.  Then we ran the new style high speed reversing HOT FLUSH machine (that instantly reverses flow every three seconds for a quarter of a second) on each cooler to see how much more debris the newer machine would remove that the older style slow reversing one couldn't.  In both cases we found that the slow reversing HOT FLUSH was not getting the units clean and it took almost three times longer.  The newer high speed reversing machine removed a potentially dangerous amount of additional contamination (dangerous to our newly installed transmission)

Aamco Transmissions in Madison
Madison, TN
After months of cautious deliberation, we decided to try the HOT FLUSH machine, and are we glad we did.  This has been the best investment we've made in some time.  We've thoroughly tested the HOT FLUSH against our solvent flusher and against canned flushing agents and the HOT FLUSH has proven to us that our old methods weren't doing the job!

Aamco Transmissions in Peoria
Don Sears
Peoria, IL
Finally a solution to an age old problem.  The Hot Flush machine does exactly what they told us it would do.  And proves it daily with confidence.

ABZ Transmissions
Brian Zelinski - Owner
New Bern, NC
Just a note to say thanks for putting together such a fine machine! It is the only machine that you know, without a doubt, when the cooler is clean! I love the pressures used to do the job.  They show you any weak links in the cooler chain.  Future leaks show up during the flush.  Thanks again.

Angola Transmissions
Randy Palmerton
Angola, IN
We have been using our HOT FLUSH model HF327 for over a year now.  The unit runs approximately 7 hours per day and does a great job.  Because of our satisfaction, we also purchased a second unit, the HF345S.  This unit works excellent and flawless also.  We believe these HOT FLUSH units have saved our company thousands of  dollars!

Arnold's Automotive Transmissions
Jim - Owner
Cocoa, FL
We recently received our new Hot Flush, and once we started using the machine, we were absolutely amazed! We could not believe the amount of material being caught in the 28 micron screen.  When customers see the "Cadillac" of all flushers in action and the material in the screen, it amazes them also.  I honestly should have purchased this machine a long time ago.

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