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Atomic Transmissions
Villa Park, IL
In the automotive field a new piece of equipment goes thru a period where it must prove itself.  Your HOT FLUSH machines have done just that.  In a 28 bay shop there's zero time for broken equipment.  Your HOT FLUSH machines have proven not only reliable but also the best and most effective ways to clean out transmission coolers.

Autek Transmissions LTD
Dave Stafford - Owner/President
Harlan, IA
We used to change radiators constantly! No longer! Real peace of mind when it comes to my units working better and better on cooler flow, which we know is very important to the life of the transmission! The best money spent on equipment and has paid for itself many times over and saved my customers money as well! Wouldn't be without it! Thanks Hot Flusher!

Automatic Transmission Co
Grant Harris
Billings, MT
The Hot Flush machine has been a great addition to our service equipment here at Automatic Transmission Co Billings MT.  Being able to monitor the amount of debris coming out of the cooler system really lets us know that we are doing a top quality job when flushing coolers.  We all feel that the Hot Flush has cut down on comebacks relating to stuck valves and cooler restriction.

Automatic Transmission Svc
James Casey - Owner
Janesville, WI
Hello, my name is Jim Casey, I am the owner of ATS in Janesville, Wisconsin, a busy 7 bay repair shop.  We have been using the HOT FLUSH machine almost as long as they have been in existance.  We started with one of the first models that had no air injection or reverse flow, and have upgraded thru the years to the latest stainless steel HF345S model.  This unit flushes transmissions in some cases twice as fast as the earlier models.  It heats quicker and is more reliable.  We currently run our HOT FLUSH 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! We consider our HOT FLUSH one of the most productive pieces of equipment in our shop.  If you have any questions, please call me.

Bethlehem Transmissions
Greg Gaal
Bethlehem, PA
I'm writing you to let you know I think your product is great.  It has saved my butt more than once since I bought it.  It's easy to use and does the job right.  We flush our rebuilds now knowing that it is really clean, and if we run into a bad cooler, we find it at the shop, not when the car is being towed back in for a cooler related problem.  So far we haven't had a stuck governor or valve body.  Anymore 413's are done and gone.  No more pulling governors or valve bodies.  I can't say enough about this machine, we love having it here in our shop! I was a little worried when I bought it, because of any warranty problems, with us being located in PA.  and your company being located in Iowa, but the few minor issues we did have, you took care of pronto, at no cost to us.  We were very pleased with how you took care of us.  We would recommend your flusher to anybody.  If you ever need a reference, just have the shop call me.

Bill's Transmission in Detroit
Bill - Owner
Detroit, MI
I have been in the transmission business for 20 years, and I know the HOT FLUSH is the best cooler flusher on the market.  Within the last year we've caught 6 bad coolers that I know we wouldn't have caught without the machine.  Our low mileage failures are lower than ever and we don't get those annoying hung governors on test drives anymore.  It's a true find!

Bill's Transmission in Van Buren
David Wilmont
Van Buren, AR
We really feel that Hot Flush is the answer to all the problems we were having.  We trust in this machine! It has brought to an end, ALL of our service warranty problems.  In the year and a half we have had this machine we've had no failures! It's obviously paid for itself several times over.  When we first got the machine, we put it to the test against our old flushing method which was solvent in a can and lots of pressurized air.  There was no comparison!

Campbell's Transmission Svc
Joey Campbell
Ridgeway, VA
My family has been in the transmission industry since 1965, and I have been rebuilding transmissions since 1978.  I can't count the number of times I've experienced sticking valves or governors after doing an overhaul.  The amount of money I've spent on inline filters and auxiliary coolers to bypass the radiator was astronomical.  .  .  not to mention the frustration and extra time spent trying to find enough space to properly install an auxiliary cooler in some of the late model vehicles! I kept hearing from other friends in the industry about a machine called HOT FLUSH.  MAN.  .  .  what an eye opener that was! After my first 46RE that came in because of TCC failure, I tried my new HOT FLUSH and was amazed at all the debris I had been leaving in the cooler, flushing my old way.  The HOT FLUSH has paid for itself MANY times over and I have the peace of mind knowing the cooler is TRULY clean after the HOT FLUSH does it's job.  I honestly believe that any shop can benefit TREMENDOUSLY by owning a HOT FLUSH.  .  .  I just can't believe how long it took me to realize this.

Thank you HOT FLUSH! I sleep much better now!

Certified Transmissions
Richard Swierczek - Manager
Omaha, NE
I thought I would just drop you a note regarding my pleasure with our HOT FLUSH unit.  Before we had our unit, sticking governors and valve bodies where a nightmare for us.  I was always reluctant to tell a customer they could have their vehicle the next day if it had a mechanical governor.  Not anymore.  I used to dread when we'd do a Chrysler 670 or a 413, due to governor sticking problems.  We would flush with solvent for hours, change the solvent, flush again, add an inline filter and a chemical we call Muscle, to the fluid, and still have governors stick.  As you know cleanliness at our facility is second to none, we even filter our new bulk fluid.  Until we started using the HOT FLUSH machine it was a nightmare.  Now I can say with confidence, the possibility of a vehicle going out the same day is very good.  I was able to pull up some very interesting statistics from our system on the number of units installed at my location.  We installed 243 units in the past 365 days.  Out of 243 units we had our first governor stick today.  I cannot say what the problem was for sure, other than a new member of my team installed it.  The tech could not answer my question on how long he flushed it.  1 out of 243 is a pretty good average.  Bottom line is, I couldn't be happier!

Champion Transmissions
Coram, NY
What an improvement over our old flusher.  We could never tell before how long to flush, so we just let it flush as long as possible, quite often for several hours switching the hoses back and forth, or then again some less than an hour depending on how busy we were.  The point is, we were guessing because there was no way of telling if the cooler was clean or not.  Now with our HOT FLUSH we have the computerized auto reverse flushing and the checkable screen that assures us the cooler is absolutely clean, now we flush as long as needed then move on to the next one being fully confident the cooler is absolutely clean.  Makes for a much more efficient and thorough operation.  Thanks again!

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11 - 20 of 84 pages

Hot Flush has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way to clean heat exchangers on turbine engine heat exchangers.

Hot Flush connected to a AVDS 1790
1050HP M88A2 Hercules Engine