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Cottman Transmission
Lydia Ertle - President
Toledo, OH
Cottman Transmission has hundreds of locations from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada.  Cottman's Service Philosophy is the reason why millions of customers have trusted us to repair their vehicle's transmissions over the past four decades.  This is why, at my center in Toledo, we insist on flushing each vehicle with our HOT FLUSH machine.  Shop owners that care about their customers and their reputation will use HOT FLUSH!

The HOT FLUSH machine has been and will continue to be an intricate part of our business.  I attribute our success rate and very low rate of comebacks directly to this machine.  This is the most advanced flusher on the market.  We have owned several others such as G-tec, Turbo Tank, that simply do not do the job that the HOT FLUSH does.  Some of the features that make the HOT FLUSH machine so vital are:

Instant Reverse Flow:  where the primary direction of the flow changes automatically to break up the debris.

Air Injection System:  forces fluid through the lines for additional cleaning.

Checkable 28 Micron Fluid Filter:  catches even the smallest particles.

Heater:  heats fluid in only 10 minutes while it flushes.

Due to our extremely high volume, I recently added an additional machine, this will guarantee that every vehicle is properly flushed before leaving our center.  After having this machine I simply would not attempt to run a transmission shop without it.

Country Repair Inc.
Nampa, ID
At our shop we call our HOT FLUSH the HEART and LUNG MACHINE.  When it's hooked up to a vehicle, it looks like its pulsating blood thru the tubes while it's pumping new life into the old cooling system.  The warm pulsing fluid does an excellent job of cleaning out the lines and cooler of the plaque and debris that could ruin the replacement transmission.  We use it with every transmission job.

Dale's Transmission in Chico
Dale - Owner
Chico, CA
The HOT FLUSH machine works so well that we have been able to eliminate the use of inline filters which we were installing on every rebuild.  This saves us about $15 on every rebuild for parts plus installation labor.  That means the machine is paying for itself!

Dale's Transmission in Keswick
Dale - Owner
Keswick, ON
We have been using the HOT FLUSH cooler flusher for about one year now.  I don't know haw we got by without this machine.  We have literally stopped having stuck valves or shift problems from contamination coming from the cooler.  We have a set price of $69.95 to flush coolers and lines, almost every customer understands and has no problem with paying for this service, we do approximately 5 flushes per day, 15 in a week and on average about $1050.00 per week in profit, not only am I making a profit on using the HOT FLUSH, I'm saving my customer the cost of a new radiator or external cooler and saving valuable shop time as well.  Hook up the lines, turn it on and go work on another vehicle.  My re & re mechanics say that they can't believe the good job it is doing & can see when the cooler is clean, not just guess.  Thanks HOT FLUSH team!

Dale's Transmission in Napance
Dale Desveaux
Napance, ON
Last September for the 3rd time in 28500 km, we dropped the pan on a transmission only to discover more debris.  Then we hooked up our recently acquired HOT FLUSH.  After 30 minutes on the machine I was shocked as to how much material was on the screen.  Before we got our HOT FLUSH this vehicle had 3 filter changes in 28500 km and still could not clean itself out.  This proved to me that it is impossible to clean the transmission cooler without the use of the HOT FLUSH.

Daves Automatic Transmission
Dave - Owner
Duluth, MN
The Hot Flush is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the shop.  It's dependability and efficiency over our previous flusher has already made it worth the investment.

Detroit Transmission Specialist
Tim Tapper
Arvada, CO
The following are attributes for the equipment that Detroit Transmission Specialist has purchased from HOT FLUSH.

*  Machines clean better than any other flusher

*  Have purchased 4 machines over the past several years

*  3 machines for use on automobiles

*  1 machine custom built for Allison, Clark, and Funk trans

*  Confident we are producing a sanitary overhaul

*  Saves time by eliminating stuck valves & solenoids

*  Could not safely build transmissions without HOT FLUSH

Diamond International
Brian - Svc Tech
Memphis, TN
We have had the machine for about 6 months now, and have used it a dozen times or so and love it! I personally like the machine and can definitely see all the benefits that the HOT FLUSH machine has to offer.  We also realize how much the machine has helped our business, by far fewer comebacks and longer lasting transmissions.

Dodge County Transmissions
Fox Lake, WI
HOT FLUSH is the best system I have ever used!! I've had the same unit for 8 years now and it still works great!! Tried and tested, this system is awesome, just ask me!!

Dugan's Transmission Corp
Jim Dugan
Chicago, IL
I just wanted to let you know how much we really love the HOT FLUSH! We have been in business for 50 years, and it is one of the most important tools in our shop.  We have been using HOT FLUSH for over 3 years now.  If your working on a Chrysler or Ford--it's mandatory! We used an old pulsator before and are so glad we have the HOT FLUSH now.  I just can't say enough about it, IT IS THE BEST!

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21 - 30 of 84 pages

Hot Flush has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way to clean heat exchangers on turbine engine heat exchangers.

Hot Flush connected to a AVDS 1790
1050HP M88A2 Hercules Engine