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What is Hot Flush?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the militaries #1 choice for cleaning oil coolers. We are the only patented flushing system in the world that will remove 99.99% of debris, varnish and other damaging materials from oil coolers and lines.

Engine, transmission, or hydraulic failure can contaminate an oil cooling system with debris; causing premature failure, and will drastically reduce vehicle readiness and field life. Hot Flush provides a cost effective solution that can’t be overlooked.

Military Heat Exchanger & Cooler Flushing

Why Hot Flush?

Hot Flush can be found in many branches of our military as well as foreign armed services: tank remanufacturing centers, helicopter / aircraft centers, HMMWV centers, and ships. All with many one-of-a-kind machines designed for specific applications; as small as 2” Cubic inch coolers, up to large complicated oil coolers and systems; are benefiting from the Hot Flush design and concept in their facilities.

Whether it’s a fighter jet, a helicopter, a Humvee or a tank—it has an oil cooler. If there is an engine, transmission, or hydraulic failure that can contaminate the oil cooling system the debris is trapped causing premature failure and will drastically reduce vehicle readiness and field life.

Many times coolers and cooler lines get overlooked, because most people don't understand the intricacies of them. A lot of technicians have never seen the inside of a cooler. Today’s coolers make for wonderful heat exchangers, but to do that they end up with thousands of little "traps" for debris to get caught in. Oil molecules do not conduct heat amongst themselves efficiently, but they do conduct well with metal. So the cooler manufacturers must design coolers that makes the oil molecules make contact with metal as much as possible. This leaves us with coolers that contain many various "weave" or "honeycomb" type patterns.

Hot Flush is used by many branches of the Government, including tank remanufacturing centers and helicopter maintenance depots. Hot Flush has 190 degree heated oil, checkable 10 micron filtration (finer filtration options available), a flow meter, and a long lasting stainless steel cabinet, but it's our high-speed reversing that is the key to our success. Being able to instantly reverse the direction of flow every three second for one quarter of a second creates immense scrubbing energy in the cooler that no one can match.

Typically the heat exchanger gets flushed of some of the loose debris with a cold solvent or fluid flusher. When the cooler is returned back to normal operating temperatures, the metal expands again releasing the debris that was bound in the cooler.

Hot Flush is not limited to oil cooler cleaning Hot Flush's state of the art technology is being used to clean fuel heaters on the T700 engines.

Hot Flush has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way to clean heat exchangers on turbine engine heat exchangers:

Hot Flush connected to a AVDS 1790 1050HP M88A2 Hercules Engine.
Hot Flush connected to a AVDS 1790 1050HP M88A2 Hercules Engine.

Independent Tests

The Hot Flush machine was tested by an independent party. The Hot Flush machine and a competitor’s flushing machine were tested on coolers that had been removed from vehicles with transmission failures.

The test was unique in that it allowed the competition device to clean the cooler first. Next, the Hot Flush machine was used on the same transmission after the competition had cleaned it. The results of these tests really speak for themselves.

Even after the competition flushed the transmission cooler (and not much was removed) Hot Flush was able to extract a drastic amount of debris that had been missed. This is a great, quick visual illustration of why Hot Flush is such a necessary addition to your oil cooler / heat exchanger maintenance routine.

See the Test Results Here

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Hot Flush uses a patented process that cleans in a truly superior way. It removes the smallest of particles. It works incredibly fast. It is easy to use. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the machine or how it works. If you are tired of dealing with failures after a fresh build, hot flush can solve your contamination problems. Our patented process works better than anything you’ve ever tried. Guaranteed.

There are many different real-life examples we can share with you if you decide to get in contact. Our previous work and results will help illustrate why Hot Flush delivers a cleaning ability you need for your important application. In addition to a great functioning oil cooler / heat exchanger, Hot Flush is extremely cost effective—able to pay for itself and save you money well into the future. It is a simple, affordable, and effective solution we would be happy to tell you more about!

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