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Many companies recognize HOT FLUSH as the leader in cooler flushing, recommending or requiring HOT FLUSH in their shops to insure a reputation for quality work!

Once you have a Hot Flush in YOUR business, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

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Testimonials from Hot Flush Customers

A-1 Automotive

Bruce Bekkerus - Owner (Moorhead, MN)

The HOT FLUSH HF345S is a MUST HAVE unit for your shop. My name is Bruce Bekkerus, owner of A-1 Automotive Transmission Svc, founded in 1960. We purchased our first HOT FLUSH in 1996. All of the machines we have had, have more than paid for themselves in a short time in prevented comebacks because of the ability to know that you have the radiator clean by inspecting their #28 micron screen. The unit has an added benefit in that fact the integrity of your cooler line system is checked before the trans is installed which saves time and money on every job. This unit virtually eliminates valve sticking after overhauls. This latest unit has many very nice features. Your HOT FLUSH purchase should benefit your whole rebuilding operation.

A-1 Transmission Specialist

Charles E. Doyle Jr. (Kerrville, TX)

We purchased a HF345S this month and my technicians are very pleased with its performance. There is no doubt in my mind that as a result of using your HOT FLUSH machine we will eliminate subsequent transmission failures due to debris being forced out from the cooler into the transmission.

We have found that by being able to visually inspect the screen that filters the debris coming out from the cooler while being flushed with the HOT FLUSH machine, our technicians know when the cooler is clean. Therefore, a clean cooler produces fewer comebacks, which generates more profit for the company.

Furthermore, the HOT FLUSH machine has made my technicians’ jobs easier because they can just set it and forget it. The results from the HOT FLUSH machine are not only faster but safer and much more efficient.

At A-1 Transmission Specialist our most valued final product is a fixed automobile that does not come back as a failure because of an improperly flushed cooler. We are very pleased with the HOT FLUSH machine and do not know how we got along the past 25 years without it. I would like to say in closing that with the number of unexplained comebacks due to debris in one of our quality rebuilt transmissions, if we could have reduced that number by only 10% , this company would have saved enough money to buy several HOT FLUSH machines.

A-1 United Transmissions

John Chalfant - Shop Foreman (Garland, TX)

After 25 years of rebuilding transmissions, the HOT FLUSH has made my job easier and more confident about cooler contamination problems. The HOT FLUSH is easy to use and I have no problems explaining to my mechanics how to operate it. It saves me many hours of shop time and hundreds of dollars in coolers, as we no longer have to install them on a rebuild. This is a product that I have seen advertised for years and finally made the decision to purchase. I should have done it sooner. Thanks HOT FLUSH!

AAMCo Transmissions

Lydia F. Ertle - President (Toledo, OH)

AAMCo Transmission has hundreds of locations from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada. AAMCo’s Service Philosophy is the reason why millions of customers have trusted us to repair their vehicles over the past four decades. This is why at my center, in Toledo, we insist on flushing each vehicle with our HOT FLUSH machine. Shop owners that care about their customers and their reputation will use HOT FLUSH!

The HOT FLUSH machine has been and will continue to be an intrical part of our business. I attribute our success rate and very low rate of comeback directly to this machine. This is the most advanced flusher on the market. We have owned several others, such as G-tec Turbo Tank, that simply do not do the job that the HOT FLUSH machine does. Some of the features that make the HOT FLUSH machine so vital are:

INSTANT REVERSE FLOW: where the primary direction of the flow changes automatically to break up the debris.

AIR INJECTION SYSTEM: forces fluid through the line for additional cleaning.

CHECKABLE 28 MICRON FLUID FILTER: catches even the smallest particles.

HEATER: heats fluid it flushes in only 10 minutes.

Due to our extremely high volume, I recently added an additional machine. This will guarantee that every vehicle is properly flushed before leaving our center. After having this machine, I simply would not attempt to run a transmission shop without it.

Aamco Transmissions in Madison

Grant (Madison, TN)

After months of cautious deliberation, we decided to try the HOT FLUSH machine, and are we glad we did. This has been the best investment we've made in some time. We've thoroughly tested the HOT FLUSH against our solvent flusher and against canned flushing agents and the HOT FLUSH has proven to us that our old methods weren't doing the job!

Aamco Transmissions in Peoria

Don Sears (Peoria, IL)

Finally a solution to an age old problem. The Hot Flush machine does exactly what they told us it would do. And proves it daily with confidence.

ABZ Transmissions

Brian Zelinski - Owner (New Bern, NC)

Just a note to say thanks for putting together such a fine machine! It is the only machine that you know, without a doubt, when the cooler is clean! I love the pressures used to do the job. They show you any weak links in the cooler chain. Future leaks show up during the flush. Thanks again.

Angola Transmissions

Randy Palmerton (Angola, IN)

We have been using our HOT FLUSH model HF327 for over a year now. The unit runs approximately 7 hours per day and does a great job. Because of our satisfaction, we also purchased a second unit, the HF345S. This unit works excellent and flawless also. We believe these HOT FLUSH units have saved our company thousands of dollars!

Arnold’s Automotive Transmissions

Jim - Owner (Cocoa, FL)

We recently received our new Hot Flush, and once we started using the machine, we were absolutely amazed! We could not believe the amount of material being caught in the 28 micron screen. When customers see the "Cadillac" of all flushers in action and the material in the screen, it amazes them also. I honestly should have purchased this machine a long time ago.

Atomic Transmissions

(Villa Park, IL)

In the automotive field a new piece of equipment goes thru a period where it must prove itself. Your HOT FLUSH machines have done just that. In a 28 bay shop there's zero time for broken equipment. Your HOT FLUSH machines have proven not only reliable but also the best and most effective ways to clean out transmission coolers.

Autek Transmissions LTD

Dave Stafford - Owner/President (Harlan, IA)

We used to change radiators constantly! No longer! Real peace of mind when it comes to my units working better and better on cooler flow, which we know is very important to the life of the transmission! The best money spent on equipment and has paid for itself many times over and saved my customers money as well! Wouldn't be without it! Thanks Hot Flusher!

Automatic Transmission Co.

Grant Harris (Billings, MT)

The Hot Flush machine has been a great addition to our service equipment here at Automatic Transmission Co Billings MT. Being able to monitor the amount of debris coming out of the cooler system really lets us know that we are doing a top quality job when flushing coolers. We all feel that the Hot Flush has cut down on comebacks relating to stuck valves and cooler restriction.

Automatic Transmission Svc

James Casey - Owner (Janesville, WI)

Hello, my name is Jim Casey, I am the owner of ATS in Janesville, Wisconsin, a busy 7 bay repair shop. We have been using the HOT FLUSH machine almost as long as they have been in existance. We started with one of the first models that had no air injection or reverse flow, and have upgraded thru the years to the latest stainless steel HF345S model. This unit flushes transmissions in some cases twice as fast as the earlier models. It heats quicker and is more reliable. We currently run our HOT FLUSH 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! We consider our HOT FLUSH one of the most productive pieces of equipment in our shop. If you have any questions, please call me.

Bethlehem Transmissions

Greg Gaal (Bethlehem, PA)

I’m writing you to let you know I think your product is great. It has saved my butt more than once since I bought it. It's easy to use and does the job right. We flush our rebuilds now knowing that it is really clean, and if we run into a bad cooler, we find it at the shop, not when the car is being towed back in for a cooler related problem. So far we haven't had a stuck governor or valve body. Anymore 413's are done and gone. No more pulling governors or valve bodies. I can't say enough about this machine, we love having it here in our shop! I was a little worried when I bought it, because of any warranty problems, with us being located in PA. and your company being located in Iowa, but the few minor issues we did have, you took care of pronto, at no cost to us. We were very pleased with how you took care of us. We would recommend your flusher to anybody. If you ever need a reference, just have the shop call me.

Bill’s Transmission in Detroit

Bill - Owner (Detroit, MI)

I have been in the transmission business for 20 years, and I know the HOT FLUSH is the best cooler flusher on the market. Within the last year we've caught 6 bad coolers that I know we wouldn't have caught without the machine. Our low mileage failures are lower than ever and we don’t get those annoying hung governors on test drives anymore. It's a true find!

Bill’s Transmission in Van Buren

David Wilmont (Van Buren, AR)

We really feel that Hot Flush is the answer to all the problems we were having. We trust in this machine! It has brought to an end, ALL of our service warranty problems. In the year and a half we have had this machine we've had no failures! It’s obviously paid for itself several times over. When we first got the machine, we put it to the test against our old flushing method which was solvent in a can and lots of pressurized air. There was no comparison!

Campbell's Transmission Svc

Joey Campbell (Ridgeway, VA)

My family has been in the transmission industry since 1965, and I have been rebuilding transmissions since 1978. I can't count the number of times I've experienced sticking valves or governors after doing an overhaul. The amount of money I've spent on inline filters and auxiliary coolers to bypass the radiator was astronomical. . . not to mention the frustration and extra time spent trying to find enough space to properly install an auxiliary cooler in some of the late model vehicles! I kept hearing from other friends in the industry about a machine called HOT FLUSH. MAN. . . what an eye opener that was! After my first 46RE that came in because of TCC failure, I tried my new HOT FLUSH and was amazed at all the debris I had been leaving in the cooler, flushing my old way.

The HOT FLUSH has paid for itself MANY times over and I have the peace of mind knowing the cooler is TRULY clean after the HOT FLUSH does it's job. I honestly believe that any shop can benefit TREMENDOUSLY by owning a HOT FLUSH. . . I just can't believe how long it took me to realize this.

Thank you HOT FLUSH! I sleep much better now!

Certified Transmissions

Richard Swierczek - Manager (Omaha, NE)

I thought I would just drop you a note regarding my pleasure with our HOT FLUSH unit. Before we had our unit, sticking governors and valve bodies where a nightmare for us. I was always reluctant to tell a customer they could have their vehicle the next day if it had a mechanical governor. Not anymore. I used to dread when we'd do a Chrysler 670 or a 413, due to governor sticking problems. We would flush with solvent for hours, change the solvent, flush again, add an inline filter and a chemical we call Muscle, to the fluid, and still have governors stick. As you know cleanliness at our facility is second to none, we even filter our new bulk fluid. Until we started using the HOT FLUSH machine it was a nightmare. Now I can say with confidence, the possibility of a vehicle going out the same day is very good. I was able to pull up some very interesting statistics from our system on the number of units installed at my location. We installed 243 units in the past 365 days. Out of 243 units we had our first governor stick today. I cannot say what the problem was for sure, other than a new member of my team installed it. The tech could not answer my question on how long he flushed it. 1 out of 243 is a pretty good average. Bottom line is, I couldn't be happier!

Champion Transmissions

Walter (Coram, NY)

What an improvement over our old flusher. We could never tell before how long to flush, so we just let it flush as long as possible, quite often for several hours switching the hoses back and forth, or then again some less than an hour depending on how busy we were. The point is, we were guessing because there was no way of telling if the cooler was clean or not. Now with our HOT FLUSH we have the computerized auto reverse flushing and the checkable screen that assures us the cooler is absolutely clean, now we flush as long as needed then move on to the next one being fully confident the cooler is absolutely clean. Makes for a much more efficient and thorough operation. Thanks again!

Cottman Transmission

Lydia Ertle - President (Toledo, OH)

Cottman Transmission has hundreds of locations from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada. Cottman's Service Philosophy is the reason why millions of customers have trusted us to repair their vehicle's transmissions over the past four decades. This is why, at my center in Toledo, we insist on flushing each vehicle with our HOT FLUSH machine. Shop owners that care about their customers and their reputation will use HOT FLUSH!

The HOT FLUSH machine has been and will continue to be an intricate part of our business. I attribute our success rate and very low rate of comebacks directly to this machine. This is the most advanced flusher on the market. We have owned several others such as G-tec, Turbo Tank, that simply do not do the job that the HOT FLUSH does. Some of the features that make the HOT FLUSH machine so vital are:

Instant Reverse Flow: where the primary direction of the flow changes automatically to break up the debris.

Air Injection System: forces fluid through the lines for additional cleaning.

Checkable 28 Micron Fluid Filter: catches even the smallest particles.

Heater: heats fluid in only 10 minutes while it flushes.

Due to our extremely high volume, I recently added an additional machine, this will guarantee that every vehicle is properly flushed before leaving our center. After having this machine I simply would not attempt to run a transmission shop without it.

Country Repair Inc.

(Nampa, ID)

At our shop we call our HOT FLUSH the HEART and LUNG MACHINE. When it's hooked up to a vehicle, it looks like its pulsating blood thru the tubes while it's pumping new life into the old cooling system. The warm pulsing fluid does an excellent job of cleaning out the lines and cooler of the plaque and debris that could ruin the replacement transmission. We use it with every transmission job.

Dale's Transmission in Chico

Dale - Owner (Chico, CA)

The HOT FLUSH machine works so well that we have been able to eliminate the use of inline filters which we were installing on every rebuild. This saves us about $15 on every rebuild for parts plus installation labor. That means the machine is paying for itself!

Dale's Transmission in Keswick

Dale - Owner (Keswick, ON)

We have been using the HOT FLUSH cooler flusher for about one year now. I don't know haw we got by without this machine. We have literally stopped having stuck valves or shift problems from contamination coming from the cooler. We have a set price of $69.95 to flush coolers and lines, almost every customer understands and has no problem with paying for this service, we do approximately 5 flushes per day, 15 in a week and on average about $1050.00 per week in profit, not only am I making a profit on using the HOT FLUSH, I'm saving my customer the cost of a new radiator or external cooler and saving valuable shop time as well. Hook up the lines, turn it on and go work on another vehicle. My re & re mechanics say that they can't believe the good job it is doing & can see when the cooler is clean, not just guess. Thanks HOT FLUSH team!

Dale's Transmission in Napance

Dale Desveaux (Napance, ON)

Last September for the 3rd time in 28500 km, we dropped the pan on a transmission only to discover more debris. Then we hooked up our recently acquired HOT FLUSH. After 30 minutes on the machine I was shocked as to how much material was on the screen. Before we got our HOT FLUSH this vehicle had 3 filter changes in 28500 km and still could not clean itself out. This proved to me that it is impossible to clean the transmission cooler without the use of the HOT FLUSH.

Daves Automatic Transmission

Dave - Owner (Duluth, MN)

The Hot Flush is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the shop. It's dependability and efficiency over our previous flusher has already made it worth the investment.

Detroit Transmission Specialist

Tim Tapper (Arvada, CO)

The following are attributes for the equipment that Detroit Transmission Specialist has purchased from HOT FLUSH.

  • Machines clean better than any other flusher
  • Have purchased 4 machines over the past several years
  • 3 machines for use on automobiles
  • 1 machine custom built for Allison, Clark, and Funk trans
  • Confident we are producing a sanitary overhaul
  • Saves time by eliminating stuck valves & solenoids
  • Could not safely build transmissions without HOT FLUSH

Diamond International

Brian - Svc Tech (Memphis, TN)

We have had the machine for about 6 months now, and have used it a dozen times or so and love it! I personally like the machine and can definitely see all the benefits that the HOT FLUSH machine has to offer. We also realize how much the machine has helped our business, by far fewer comebacks and longer lasting transmissions.

Dodge County Transmissions

John (Fox Lake, WI)

HOT FLUSH is the best system I have ever used!! I've had the same unit for 8 years now and it still works great!! Tried and tested, this system is awesome, just ask me!!

Dugan's Transmission Corp

Jim Dugan (Chicago, IL)

I just wanted to let you know how much we really love the HOT FLUSH! We have been in business for 50 years, and it is one of the most important tools in our shop. We have been using HOT FLUSH for over 3 years now. If your working on a Chrysler or Ford--it's mandatory! We used an old pulsator before and are so glad we have the HOT FLUSH now. I just can't say enough about it, IT IS THE BEST!

F and J Transmission

Frank Oliver (East Moriches, NY)

I just wanted to let you know the Hot Flush machine is great. It's one of the best investments I have made in my business in years. Its performance is superior in many ways to the G-tec Turbo.

  1. It heats up faster
  2. It heats up hotter
  3. There is no guessing when the cooler is cleaned out ~ you simply flush until the screen is clean ~
  4. It back flushes
  5. It is more user friendly to operate

I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to save time & money by preventing comebacks & hung valves.

Franklin Transmissions

Brad Cook (Franklin, KY)

I bought my first HOT FLUSH machine 10 months ago and it instantly reduced our failure rate by more than 50% ! People need to understand the money that can be saved with a properly flushed cooler. Our machine paid for itself in a month! If you don't think it's true-- you're kidding yourself.

Gears Transmissions

The Crew (Lehi, UT)

The HOT FLUSH system is a well built, clean running machine. Other methods of flushing transmission coolers do not compare to this units efficiency. Being able to run the unit thru a cycle without constant monitoring has been beneficial to the shops time. Also, the simplicity of the set up and maintenance require very little time. All the threaded and quick connecting fittings create a strong tight seal, leaving very little, if any, oil seepage. In closing, the HOT FLUSH system is a valued piece of equipment and we would recommend it to any shop.

Glen Burnie Transmissions

Curtis Preston (Glen Burnie, MD)

As a shop foreman at a shop for over 10 years, this is the best transmission cooler flusher we have ever used. We have fewer comebacks from contaminated coolers and blocked coolers. The part I like best about the machine is the 28 micron screen so you can tell that the cooler is actually clean. We have less hung governors and stuck valves bodies too. I would highly recommend this product!

Hansen Tran's and Gear

Chris & Jennifer Hansen (Anchorage, AK)

The HOT FLUSH machine, the newest addition to our 10,000 square foot shop, has been a God-send. It has already significantly cut cost in V.B. pulls, governor hang-ups, & cooling line replacement. We highly recommend the HOT FLUSH to any shop who wishes to increase profitability!

Hines Park Ford

Scott Berry - Service Director (New Hudson, MI)

Hello, I just wanted to commend your company for such a great machine. Once the order was placed, the flush machine showed up much faster than I expected. I have two transmission techs, and since it's arrival, they have been using it on every tran's job. It's amazing how much material is removed from what we considered a clean system. I'm sure this will reduce the possibility of any repeat failures and will provide my customers with a better quality product. Even on the 4F27E and the 4F50N, which would have required us to replace the cooler, we were able to save Ford money by not replacing it. If you wish to share this info with anyone, feel free to do so. If you have anyone that would like to see this machine in operation, please feel free to give me a call, as I would be happy to have visitors!

Jennings Transmission Service

Shane Smith - General Manager (Goldsboro, NC)

I have no doubt the addition of the Hot Flush machines in our Retail Services areas has boosted our quality control that we pass on to our customers. We are in the service business and the Hot Flush machines help us to do it in a more efficient way.

Jerry's Transmissions in Columbus

Jerry Smullack (Columbus, OH)

We used to use a Turbo Tank flusher, but since we bought our new HOT FLUSH, it has become a new decoration in our store room. We've never had a piece of equipment make such a dramatic effect in our shop. We always expected an occasional stuck valve or at least some sort of test drive problem, but since the HOT FLUSH, it simple doesn't happen anymore. Our comeback rate has dropped so dramatically, that our shop profits have gone up 20% in the past 4 months!

Jerry's Transmissions, Inc. in Danbury

Jerry - President (Danbury, CT)

We have been using our new HOT FLUSH now for about 6 weeks. We are very impressed with the way it cleans the cooler system. Out of the 30 or 40 cars & trucks we flushed, none have come back. We asked 3 of the owners that had a lot of fine metal in unit before we rebuilt & flushed cooler to return after 1000 miles for a recheck. We dropped the pan & filter & found no metal or contamination. We are very happy with the results from HOT FLUSH. The best shop equipment we own. After using HOT FLUSH we retired our G-Tec to the garbage container. I should have purchased the HOT FLUSH years ago.

Jim and Sons Transmission Specialist

Jim Currier - Owner (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Our company has been specializing in transmission repair since1958. We now have a 16 bay facility and we do 2-3 overhauls per day. Contaminated coolers have always been a problem since day one. The last machine we used was a G-tec, compressor tank style. We had the heater updated, used an additive to clean, etc. We thought that was the best we could get till we found the HOT FLUSH machine. After using the HOT FLUSH machine, we can now see that we were not getting our coolers completely clean. With this machine we can now see for ourselves that the job is done to our satisfaction. No more crap in the pan, no more stuck valves.

Joppa Automatic Transmissions

Jim Parks (Joppa, MD)

The HOT FLUSH machine is hands down the absolute best machine for flushing transmission coolers. We previously used the G-Tec and the HOT FLUSH is by far a much better machine. The HOT FLUSH is easy to use and very effective in cleaning the most stubborn coolers. The comebacks are fewer and the people at HOT FLUSH are very knowledgeable and courteous. I'd recommend the HOT FLUSH to any shop that works on automatic transmissions.

Jr.'s Quality Transmissions

Jr. Dupont - Owner/Mechanic (Carencro, LA)

What I like most about my Hot Flush machine is how well it cleans the coolers. This machine is great for eliminating contamination that can cause valves to stick even after rebuild. In my opinion a shop can not afford not to have one of these.

JR's Transmission

Phil (Cairo, NY)

I just wanted to let you know, I have talked to the service techs and the HOT FLUSH machine is by far the best transmission cooler flusher they have used. It gets more debris out than we have ever seen. Which makes us wonder just how clean the other coolers were when they left the shop. It has been used on over 50 coolers already. HOT FLUSH is so convenient and easy to use. It has all the information at your finger tips as far as the ability to gauge the progress of how clean the cooler is getting.

K and M Northfield Dodge

Joe Jomuez - Service Manager (Grand Rapids, MI)

I am writing this to express my satisfaction with the trans cooler flush machine that we were selected to try out and evaluate. As you know, it has been a year since we started using the system, and the results have been startlingly positive! I felt that I should take a minute and express my thanks to you and to Lou Mancini of Daimler Chrysler for selecting K&M Dodge as one of the few to test your flush system.

It is well documented how terrible 3 speeds were in the past, but they are no trouble now, thanks to the HOT FLUSH system. In fact, it works so well on all transmissions that our comebacks are almost nonexistent, and we are experiencing very few repeat failures due to debris in the systems, which is unprecedented.

The HOT FLUSH system is not only extremely efficient, it is also very convenient to use. The quick connect fittings and the fact that it is pretty much self running, make it a great time saver. It is hard to imagine that something this compact and easy to handle and store could be so efficient. Thanks again for introducing it to us.

KCR International

Jim Hinton - Service Manager (Kansas City, MO)

I just wanted you to know, I think the Hot Flush machine made it easier to service vehicles. It gets more debris out than we ever could have before and we feel much more confident about the overhauls lasting and not coming back to the shop. We are able to walk away from the machine after it is hooked up and go to something else. I noticed the reduction in comebacks and would definitely recommend the Hot Flush machine to ANYONE! It's a great machine!

Shawn Jarvis, transmission tech, says, "It does an excellent job of cleaning the cooler. I now see why we were having problems with comebacks. We thought we were getting our coolers clean and this has proved to us that we were not."

Keith's Transmission

Keith McCullock - Owner (Kansas City, KS)

We have had the red HOT FLUSH for about 5 years and it has worked better than any of the other 3 or 4 flushers we have used. We have recently purchased a new stainless steel HOT FLUSH machine and comparing it to the red one, it works great. It's quicker for cleaning, has more pressure and switches flow direction much faster. Has cut most flushing time in half. One other thing, if the cooler lines are weak, this flusher will find the leaks.

Kennedy Transmissions in Brooklyn Park

Kris Craigie - Manager (Brooklyn Park, MN)

HOT FLUSH is so much more convenient than using the cold solvent flushing. We have noticed a 50% reduction in comebacks by using it. Being a 8 bay shop, we make good use of it. IT WORKS GREAT!

Kennedy Transmissions in Eagan

Ken Esperson - Service Manager (Eagan, MN)

Since we purchased our HOT FLUSH our comeback rate has dropped dramatically. We have virtually eliminated cooler flow problems. I've seen completely plugged coolers on Dakota's and Pathfinder's open right up. With the flow meter there's no guess work. The machine is easy to use, low maintenance, and completely reliable. The HOT FLUSH has paid for itself many times over. I highly recommend trying one out. I wish we had bought one years ago. Thanks!

Kennedy Transmissions in Fargo

Dallas Laney - Owner (Fargo, ND)

We purchased our HOT FLUSH machine 2 years ago and it paid for itself within 4-5 months. It is definitely superior to anything out there. I regret not having a HOT FLUSH the day we opened!

Kenn's Transmission

Dan (Marshalltown, IA)

The number one thing I have noticed since we got our HOT FLUSH is the job it does and that you know that the cooler is clean when your done, by the self check filter screen. I just can't think of one concern we've had in relation to cooler problems since we got the HOT FLUSH. THANKS FOR DEVELOPING A GREAT MACHINE!

Ken's Automotive and Lock Shop

Ken Smith (Park Rapids, MN)

Just a note, I have one of your older style machines. It works great and has saved our butt more than once. It works great on Chrysler R.W.D. o/drives, where the converter material plugs up the cooler and burns up the planetary gear after it's starved for oil. It also works well on foreign FWD to clean the screen type coolers and check flow. Even though we're a low volume shop, it would be hard to survive without it.

L and S Service

Lane Floria - Owner (Delton, MI)

After contemplating the purchase of our HOT FLUSH cooler flusher for many months, mainly because of the seemingly high price, we would feel that our shop was inadequate if we did not own it now. Once we saw the quality and convenience of the machine, we were easily convinced that it was worth the higher price. We have found that the HOT FLUSH cooler flusher delivers everything promised by the company!

Leaverton Auto

Ronald J. Martin (St. Joseph, MO)

We purchased a HOT FLUSH machine in June 2002. Since our purchase we noticed a decrease in warranties, which has saved our company time and money!

Lindsay Transmission

Kit Lindsay

(Owner of 4 Hot Flushes)

If faced with a choice of giving up my scanner or my Hot Flush, I couldn't make that choice.

Mikes Transmission

Mike - Owner (Dexter, ME)

I purchased the HOT FLUSH machine almost two years ago. I can't believe how efficient this machine is. There are several select vehicles that would sometimes require a stand along cooler, but since I've purchased HOT FLUSH, I haven't bought one. I have over 580 hours on my machine and it's paid for itself several times over. If I had a biger facility, I would definitely purchase another one. I wish I had bought this machine years ago. It's one of the most valuable pieces of equipment I own. I would highly recommend the HOT FLUSH machine to any facility.

Moss Motors Dodge

Vikki Qualis - Service Manager (Riverside, CA)

In reviewing our tran's repairs for the past several months, I can verify our duplicate repairs our down. Our techs are using the machine and have no problems as far as duplicate repair's, the HOT FLUSH machine has proven extremely helpful to us at Moss Motors. The cost of a warranty repair for transmissions is costly, not to mention the inconvenience to the customer with a possible rental car for the time down in the shop. Also the cost of CSI is priceless. This has to be saving Chrysler a lot of money!

Nannemann Brothers Auto

Lyle Nannemann (Gillette, WY)

(Owner of 3 Hot Flushes)

Hot Flush has saved us a ton of money in the last eight years in comebacks. We have three Hot Flushers and wouldn't trade them in for anything!

National Transmissions

Ellsie - Manager (Thief River Falls, MN)

Here at National we use the Hot Flush on all transmissions repaired or replaced. The system is reliable and easy to operate. We have not found a cooler yet that would not clean up for use. We would recommend Hot Flush to all who work with transmissions.

Osborn Automotive and Transmission

Jerry Osborn (Osborn, MO)

In June of 2001 we purchased a HF325 Reverse Flow Cooler Flushing System. I could brag on this machine all day long. It has cut my transmission problems by 70-80%. It does not matter if you do 5 or 100 transmission a month, your shop can not afford to be without this machine. I never dreamed our coolers were not getting clean until I purchased the HOT FLUSH. I have used solvent and hot oil flushers before, but they can't come close to the quality of this machine!

Palouse Country Transmission Inc.

Jeff Johnson (Moscow, ID)

We bought our HOT FLUSH at EXPO in September, 2000. Before that we used a cold solvent flusher with a pressure gauge and a spin on filter. WOW!, like everyone else has said, I can't believe how much trash we were leaving in the cooling system just waiting for fresh hot oil from our newly rebuilt transmission to flush it back into the transmission! For anyone contemplating the purchase of HOT FLUSH, I would not hesitate to recommend it as one of the best investments for anyone in the transmission business!

Paul Young Auto Group

David McCain (Laredo, TX)

This Hot Flush machine works great! Our techs appreciate the ease of operation, just set it & forget it. Also a big plus is the fact that it only uses two gallons of oil, which needs only to be changed about once a month. The GM machine uses 4-6 quarts per flush and doesn't clean as well. So far I haven't had ANY comebacks, and as far as cleaning, it's the best that I know of that's out there.

Precision Transmission Svc

Luke Merfeld - Owner (Dubuque, IA)

I just wanted to tell you that your machine works AWESOME! It has saved me a lot of money-several times. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Reliable Transmissions in Hillsboro

Dave Parkin - Owner (Hillsboro, OR)

I bought the HOT FLUSH about a year ago, and it has been the best piece of equipment! I own 2 transmission shops in Oregon, and have been in business for 25 years. I have bought a lot of transmission flushers and none of them have worked 1/10th as well as the HOT FLUSH. The flow meter has saved us 5 or 6 times. This machine paid for itself in the first month! I use it 3-5 hours per day, without a problem. I really like the timer, you can set it, and be working on something else. I know the flusher cost more than G-tec, but now that I have used it, I wouldn't trade it for four of them. Thanks for your patience with all the questions you had to answer before I bought!

Reliable Transmissions in Midway City

Angelo (Midway City, CA)

The HOT FLUSH machine is doing a great job for us! We can honestly say that we are 100% sure the cooler is wide open and clean. IT WAS A GREAT INVESTMENT!

RG and S Transmission

Chris Ferding - Manager (Yankton, SD)

The best flushing machine I have used. Fast, efficient, and easy to hook up. This machine has drastically reduced those costly comebacks. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!

Roadmaster Transmission Service Inc.

William L. Anthony (Schaumburg, IL)

I am writing this testimonial about the HOT FLUSH machine , because of the outstanding service it has given my company over the past 3 years. The HOT FLUSH is an extremely well built and tough machine. I know because of the hours that it runs every day in my shop. Our 2 machines average over 50 hours each, per week, running time, and it has never missed a beat in 3 years! I looked at every machine on the market, and chose the HOT FLUSH because of the service and quality of the product, and I've been happy with it 100% ever since!

Rod's Transmission Service Inc.

Rod Cayko - Owner (Coeur D'Alene, ID)

I used to change radiators constantly! With HOT FLUSH I can now do what was once impossible. It actually gets the cooler cleaner than new. I know this because I've flushed brand new coolers and found more than enough debris in them to cause a failure. It's paid for itself many times over and saved my customers money! Wouldn't be without it.

S.D.R. Transmissions Inc.

Steven D. Rovik - President (Kenosha, WI)

Previous to purchasing the Hot Flush cooler flusher we were having a regular occurrence of the Chrysler 670-413 transaxles governors hanging up and other units T.V. valves sticking. Since using the Hot Flush system for a little over two years now we almost completely eliminated these problems. I also have been able to re-use radiators we would have discarded before. Also since then we have not needed to use in-line filters like we used to, now I have many left in stock collecting dust. Being able to view the debris coming out of the cooler and knowing when it's clean is a very comforting feature.

I believe this machine pays for itself, less CB's, NW's and stress! Thanks for a great machine.

Sacramento Valley Transmission

Kirk Nelson - President (Sacramento, CA)

Thank you for taking the time on the telephone to explain your awesome flushing machine. I must admit, it sure sounded too good to be true being that I own 4 cooler line flushers and not one of them does a suitable job of cleaning debris from the coolers. After using the HOT FLUSH machine it did not take long to see why this is such a great machine and a useful tool. Each job can individually be checked for contamination and monitored until clean. I am very satisfied and would recommend this machine to anyone in the automotive industry.

Shift Point Transmission Specialist Inc.

Gregory L. Lindberg (Kieler, WI)

With the complexity of today's transmissions, it is imperative to thoroughly flush out the cooling system. I feel confident that after we have flushed the system with our HOT FLUSH machines, we can send the customer out with no further contamination in the cooling system.

Southwest International Trucks

Mike - Service Technician (Fort Worth, TX)

The HOT FLUSH machine is definitely quicker at flushing out the cooler than the way we were previously flushing, by blowing out the lines and using spray. We like the fact that you can walk away from the machine and do something else after turning it on to flush. Using the HOT FLUSH is simpler and more efficient for the mechanics. I think the machine works great and have not had a cooler related comeback since we started using it!

Steve Rayman Chrysler Jeep

Tony Richardson - Service Director (Union City, GA)

The HOT FLUSH machine is without doubt the best tool I have ever encountered for automatic transmissions. I have never really understood the purpose of the flush machine we have used in the past. It only gave an indication of the flow, it repaired nothing. However it was the only tool we had. The good news is, with new technology and new ideas, we now find that with HOT FLUSH we are able to do things impossible in the past and it is my belief that not only will Daimler Chrysler save a lot of money, we will spend less time repairing the same car or truck over & over again.

We in the new car dealerships have been getting a bad rap over the years for not repairing auto transmissions correctly. All of a sudden I see that the problem may very well have been the equipment we were using. Again the good news, we are equipped, it appears, with the latest and greatest transmission tool ever developed. We had a failure rate of about 1 in 4 remanufactured transmission replacements before we were introduced to the HOT FLUSH machine.

Since the installation of HOT FLUSH, the failure rate is non-existent. We haven't had one failure. I would like to thank you and your team at HOT FLUSH for all you have done for the industry that I have spent 30 years of my life in. I am amazed ever so often with the new and wonderful tools and equipment brought to the industry.

You and your people have changed the business forever and for the better.

Stop and Go Transmissions

Ed Choiniere - Owner (Bridgeport, CT)

This machine is incredible, we couldn't believe how much metal come out after a service. We will use it on every car! Since using the HOT FLUSH we have had zero comebacks!

Sutton-Kauffman Transmission Svc

Randy Gee - Shop Foreman/Rebuilder (South Hutchinson, KS)

Since we started using the Hot Flush we have had fewer transmission failures due to debris remaining in the coolers and less cooler replacement needed. I would recommend this machine to anyone rebuilding transmissions for a way to insure the rebuild for proper cooler flow.

Tranco Transmissions

Rick Melvin - Owner (Port Angeles, WA)

Having been in the transmissions business for over 34 years, I have had the opportunity to purchase many innovative tools for my business. I can honestly say, none of them compare to your Hot Flush system. I must admit I was skeptical prior to the purchase of the Hot Flush system. However, after using the system and seeing the results, I am convinced it is the most efficient, money saving piece of equipment we have ever purchased.

Over the years, we have relied on a competitor's cold flushing system. We always felt we were providing our customers with a professional, complete flush of their transmission cooler and cooler lines. It wasn't until we used your machine that we fully realized just how wrong we were. The Hot Flush system completely removes any and all metal and foreign material found in the cooler system. With the removable screen, you simply continue to flush until the system is visibly free of all debris. My installation technicians like the idea of hooking the machine up to the vehicle, setting the timer, and then moving on to other jobs. By charging the customer a reasonable fee for the flush, it actually is making us money. What can be better?

Please feel free to use our experience as a reference if you would like. We highly recommend your Hot Flush system to anyone looking to reduce comebacks and increase their bottom line. It has done both for our business.

Transmark Transmissions

Mark Still - Owner (Fort Payne, AL)

The HOT FLUSH machine is great, I was so impressed by it that I no longer do bench jobs because of the "can flushers" inability to even remove a portion of the trash the HOT FLUSH removes. Seeing how much trash the HOT FLUSH machine removes compared to the "can flushers" I was using has given me the confidence to extend my standard warranty from 12 / 12,000 to 5 year / 50,000. YEAH, IT'S THAT GOOD!

Transmission Supply and Service

Marilyn Schasse (Eau Claire, WI)

We can certainly see the results by using the HOT FLUSH machine, and feel confident that we are getting out as much debris as possible. We have less stuck governor problems and have no need to use inline filter kits. IT'S A GREAT MACHINE!!


Tucker's Transmission Service

Dan Tucker (Pine Bluff, AR)

I've been in the transmission business in the same shop for over 25 years. We were desperate to find a way to reduce the customers invoice cost, but did not want to cut corners and jeopardize the quality of our work. About 3 years ago I was introduced to the HOT FLUSH machine. It has a special feature that allows you to see when the cooler is clean. It isn't a guessing game anymore of flushing the cooler for a set time and hoping it is clean.

The HOT FLUSH machine pounds the cooler with a reversing action that works the debris out. Our newest HOT FLUSH has a computer controlled reversing system that back flushes for a few seconds, then it changes direction for a quarter ( yes 1/4 ) of a second. This new feature pounds the cooler lines and works the debris out even faster. With a built in flow meter, it gives you confidence in the integrity of the flow , with a quick glance at the meter. We have not replaced a cooler because of debris in the past 2 years. We flush them all! Yes even those Dodge pickups, we simply bypass the inline check ball hose, then put the HOT FLUSH machine to work. It's absolutely amazing the amount of debris that is inside some of these coolers! I can't see how we could run a transmission shop without this machine.

In my opinion, every good shop should have the HOT FLUSH in it.

Walker and Thornton Transmission

Jim Ambercrombie - Owner (Louisville, KY)

We bought our HOT FLUSH about a year ago. Our comeback reduction was HUGE! Our hung governors and stuck valve on test drives were practically eliminated by using the HOT FLUSH!

Wildes Transmissions

Dave - Service Technician (Tomah, WI)

We have been in business for 30 years and have had the HOT FLUSH for about 2 years. We are so much more confident that our coolers are getting clean with this machine. We have had far fewer comebacks and problems with stuck valves since we started using it. Flushing with the HOT FLUSH machine which has heated fluid and air injection, is so much more convenient and easy.

Wilmington Transmissions Inc.

Frank Nichols (Wilmington, NC)

Two really good reasons lately for having my HOT FLUSH machine:

  1. 1998 Honda Accord. If anybody knows anything about a Honda, then they know the smallest piece of dirt can cause you too pullout the transmission again and clean it up. This transmission cooler was filled with so much clutch material, that it that it shut off the machine 3 times by clogging the filter. One less headache.
  2. 1994 Thunderbird. Had so much metal in the cooler that it more than covered the bottom of a 12 oz. Cup. This one also shut the machine down until I cleaned the filter. So much money & time saved from two costly comebacks!

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Jeff Wahl - Auto Tech Instructor (Rice Lake, WI)

I teach Auto Tech at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Rice Lake Wisconsin. Since our school purchased the Hot Flush machine the student's success with their transmission overhauls has improved by at least 25%. One of the added benefits of this machine is that it's simple to use, and the students can see what is being cleaned out of the cooler. Before we purchased the Hot Flush machine we were using a solvent based flusher that was marginally effective at best. Before I came to teach here I worked at a GM and Chrysler dealer for 20 years, I wish I would have had this machine; it would have saved a lot of governor and valve body problems!

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