Hot Flush / The RIGHT Choice

Wind Energy’s #1 Choice / Hot Flush

What is Hot Flush?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Wind Energies #1 choice for cleaning oil coolers. We are the only patented flushing system in the world that will remove 99.99% of debris, varnish and other damaging materials from oil coolers and lines.

Hot Flush provides rigorous particle contamination control. The result: bearing life can increase 2.6 to 3.7 times; producing greater gearbox reliability, uptime, energy production, extended warranty periods, and a higher return on investment.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Cleaning / Flushing

Why Hot Flush?

Wide variations in speed and load, changing wind direction, climatic extremes and limited space inside nacelles conspire to reduce wind turbine availability and increase maintenance costs. The primary culprit is the gearbox, followed by blades and generators.

Recent estimates show wind farm energy output averages 10 percent below projections and that half the shortfall is due to gearbox unavailability. Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs start escalating in the fourth year of operation, with gearboxes being the single largest issue. While wind turbines have design lives of 20 to 30 years, gearbox warranties are often as short as two years.

The most problematic of all gearbox issues is bearing failures, a challenge expected to increase as turbines get larger. Gearbox reliability problems are being addressed with advanced designs, better materials and with another important strategy: oil contamination control.

Next-generation contamination control technologies, already proven in industrial plants and mobile equipment, can essentially reduce particle and water contamination problems—the two most common and damaging oil contaminants—to zero.

Particle Oil Contamination...

With rigorous particle contamination control, bearing life can increase 2.6 to 3.7 times, resulting in greater gearbox reliability, uptime and energy production, extended warranty periods and a higher return on investment. Surprisingly, particles invisible to the unaided eye, about 1 µm in size, can knock out a 20-ton gearbox. How can this happen? In spite of their size, the dynamic clearances between moving parts in gearboxes are also on the order of 1 µm, separated by a thin film of lubricant.

Particles the size of or slightly larger than the oil film thickness enter the contact zone and damage surfaces. In sliding contacts like gear teeth, hard particles plow through and abrasively wear away surfaces while increasing frictional energy losses and heating. In rolling contacts, particles dent surfaces, leading to roughening and surface-initiated fatigue spalling. Hard ductile steel particles, typical of gear wear debris, are the most damaging, but large quantities of any hard particle seriously degrade bearing life.

Particle contamination also reduces the service life of gear lubricants. The surfaces of fresh metallic wear particles and freshly worn components are catalytic, accelerating oil degradation by oxidation. Oxidation products include acids, oil thickeners that lead to cold start problems and gummy substances that coat and insulate heat exchange surfaces and foul flow controls and passages. One classic study found fresh metal surfaces accelerate oil oxidation by six to eight times, as measured by build-up of oil acidity. While copper (found in tubing and bronze bushings) is troublesome, it’s likely that the large amount of steel wear debris in gearboxes is the major offender in wind turbines.

Hard ductile particles, typical of gear tooth wear, produce the greatest bearing life decrement. More fragile particles tend to shatter in contact zones, producing less damage per particle.

Independent Tests

The Hot Flush machine was tested by an independent party. The Hot Flush machine and a competitor’s flushing machine were tested on coolers that had been removed from vehicles with transmission failures.

The test was unique in that it allowed the competition device to clean the cooler first. Next, the Hot Flush machine was used on the same transmission after the competition had cleaned it. The results of these tests really speak for themselves.

Even after the competition flushed the transmission cooler (and not much was removed) Hot Flush was able to extract a drastic amount of debris that had been missed. This is a great, quick visual illustration of why Hot Flush is such a necessary addition to your oil cooler / heat exchanger maintenance routine.

See the Test Results Here

Wind Turbine Model List

Manufacturer Model Number Manufacturer Model Number
AAER A1000 AAER A1000S
AAER A1500-70 AAER A1500-77
AAER A1650 -70 AAER A1650 -77
AAER A1650 -80 AAER A2000-71
AAER A2000-80 AAER A2000-84
Acciona AW-1500/70 Acciona AW-1500/77
Acciona AW-1500/82 Acciona AW-3000/100
Acciona AW-3000/109 Acciona AW-3000/116
Acciona AW-3000/125 ACSA A27/225
ACSA A29/225 Aerodyn 8.0 MW-168
Aerodyn aM 1.0/77 DD Aerodyn aM 1.5/77
Aerodyn aM 1.5/83 Aerodyn aM 1.5/87
Aerodyn aM 1.5/92 Aerodyn aM 2.0/120 XL
Aerodyn aM 2.0/80 Aerodyn aM 2.0/87
Aerodyn aM 2.0/93 Aerodyn aM 2.5/103
Aerodyn aM 2.5/110 Aerodyn aM 2.5/118
Aerodyn aM 2.5/96 Aerodyn aM 3.0/118
Aerodyn aM 3.2/110 Aerodyn aM 5.0/130
Aerodyn aM 5.0/139 Aeronautica Windpower 29-225
Aeronautica Windpower 33-225 Aeronautica Windpower 47-500
Aeronautica Windpower 47-750 Aeronautica Windpower 54-750
Alizeo Alizeo 1000/56 Alizeo Alizeo 1000/60
Alizeo Alizeo 1000/60 Softwind Alizeo Alizeo 1000/64
Alizeo Alizeo 1000/64 Softwind Alstom Power 100
Alstom Power 110 Alstom Power 80
Alstom Power 86 Alstom Power Haliade 150
Areva M5000-116 Areva M5000-135
ATB Riva Calzoni SpA ATB500 Autoflug A1200
Avantis AV 1010 Avantis AV 928
AVIC Huide HD1000 AVIC Huide HD1100
AVIC Huide HD2000 AWE 52-750
AWE 52-900 AWE 54-900
Bard VM Blaaster 3000
Bonus B31/300 Bonus B33/300
Bonus B35/450 Bonus B37/450
Bonus B41/600 Bonus B44/600
Bonus B52/1000 Bonus B54/1000
Bonus B62/1300 Bonus B76/2000
Bonus B82/2300 China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-1500/70.DF
China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-1500/77.D China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-1500/77.DF
China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-1500/82.D China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-1500/82.DF
China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-3000/100.D China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-3000/100.DF
China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-3600/115.D China Creative Wind Energy CCWE-5000/126.D
China Creative Wind Energy WD59-1250 Clipper Liberty C100
Clipper Liberty C89 Clipper Liberty C93
Clipper Liberty C96 Clipper Liberty C99
CNYD YDF-1500-70 CNYD YDF-1500-77
CNYD YDF-1500-82 CNYD YDF-1500-87
CWEL C-30/250 Danregn 300
Danwin 27/225 Darwind Darwind
DEC 5.5MW prototype DEC FD70-1500
DEC FD77-1500 DEC FD93-1500
Dencon Tornado 200/26 Dencon Tornado 250/26
DESA A300 Dewind D4
Dewind D4-500 Dewind D6
Dewind D6-1000 Dewind D8.0
Dewind D8.2 Dewind D9
Doosan WinDS3000 e.n.o. energy 100
e.n.o. energy 114 e.n.o. energy 126
e.n.o. energy 82 e.n.o 82/2050
e.n.o. energy 92 Ecotecnia 100
Ecotecnia 110 Ecotecnia 28
Ecotecnia 44 Ecotecnia 48
Ecotecnia 62 Ecotecnia 74
Ecotecnia 80 1.6 Ecotecnia 80 2.0
Ecotecnia 86 Elecon Engineering T600-48DS
Elsewedy TWT 1.65/70 Elsewedy TWT 1.65/77
Elsewedy TWT 1.65/82 Enercon E101/3000
Enercon E101/3050 Enercon E112/4500
Enercon E112/6000 Enercon E115/2500
Enercon E115/3000 Enercon E126/6000
Enercon E126/7000 Enercon E126/7500
Enercon E126/7580 Enercon E32/300
Enercon E33/330 Enercon E40/500
Enercon E40/600 Enercon E44/600
Enercon E44/900 Enercon E48/600
Enercon E48/800 Enercon E53/800
Enercon E58/1000 Enercon E66/1500
Enercon E66/1800 Enercon E66/2000
Enercon E70/2000 Enercon E70/2300
Enercon E70/E4 Enercon E82/1800
Enercon E82/2000 Enercon E82/2050
Enercon E82/2300 Enercon E82/2350
Enercon E82/3000 Enercon E92/2350
Enron 1.5s Enron 1.5sl
Enron 900s Envision E128
Envision E70 Envision E77
Envision E82 Envision E87
Euroturbine ET 500/36 Euroturbine ET 550/41
Eviag ev100 Eviag ev2.93
Eviag ev90 EWT Directwind 2000/90
EWT Directwind 2000/96 EWT Directwind 250/52
EWT Directwind 250/54 EWT Directwind 500/52
EWT Directwind 500/54 EWT Directwind 52/750
EWT Directwind 54/750 EWT Directwind 900/52
EWT Directwind 900/54 Fuhrländer FL 1000/54
Fuhrländer FL 1250/62 Fuhrländer FL 1500/70
Fuhrländer FL 2000/93 Fuhrländer FL 250/30
Fuhrländer FL 2500/100 Fuhrländer FL 2500/104
Fuhrländer FL 2500/80 Fuhrländer FL 2500/90
Fuhrländer FL 3000/120 Fuhrländer FL 600/50
Fuhrländer FL 850/56 Fuhrländer FL MD/70
Fuhrländer FL MD/77 Gamesa G114/2000
Gamesa G114/2500 Gamesa G128/4500
Gamesa G128/5000 Gamesa G132/5000
Gamesa G14X/7000 Gamesa G42/600
Gamesa G44/600 Gamesa G47/660
Gamesa G48/660 Gamesa G52/850
Gamesa G58/850 Gamesa G66/1600
Gamesa G80/2000 Gamesa G83/2000
Gamesa G87/2000 Gamesa G90/2000
Gamesa G97/2000 Garuda 1700.84
Garuda 700.54 GC China Turbine Corp GC54
GC China Turbine Corp GC57 GC China Turbine Corp GC59
GE Energy 1.5-77 GE Energy 1.5s
GE Energy 1.5se GE Energy 1.5sl
GE Energy 1.5sle GE Energy 1.5xle
GE Energy 1.6-100 GE Energy 1.6-82.5
GE Energy 1.6sle GE Energy 1.6xle
GE Energy 1.7-100 GE Energy 1.85-82.5
GE Energy 1.85-87 GE Energy 2.3
GE Energy 2.5-100 GE Energy 2.5xl
GE Energy 2.75-100 GE Energy 2.75-103
GE Energy 2.75-120 GE Energy 2.85-100
GE Energy 2.85-103 GE Energy 3.0s
GE Energy 3.0sl GE Energy 3.2-103
GE Energy 3.6sl GE Energy 4.0-110
GE Energy 4.1-113 GE Energy GE 3000
Genesys 600 GGS Altanus 1.5 MW
GGS Falcon 1250 Ghodawat G1650
Global Wind Power GWP47-750 Global Wind Power GWP82-2000
Goldwind GW100/2500 Goldwind GW103/2500
Goldwind GW106/2500 Goldwind GW109/2500
Goldwind GW50/750 Goldwind GW62/1200
Goldwind GW70/1500 Goldwind GW77/1500
Goldwind GW82/1500 Goldwind GW87/1500
Goldwind GW90/2500 Goldwind GW93/1500
Goldwind S43/600 Goldwind S43/750
Goldwind S48/750 Goldwind S50/750
Goldwind S62/1200 Goldwind S70/1500
Guangdong Mingyang 6.0 MW SCD Guangdong Mingyang 6.5 MW SCD
Guangdong Mingyang MY1.5s Guangdong Mingyang MY1.5se
Guangdong Mingyang MY1.5sh Guangdong Mingyang MY1.5su//77
Guangdong Mingyang MY1.5su/83 Guangdong Mingyang SCD2500/100
Guangdong Mingyang SCD2500/108 Guangdong Mingyang SCD2500/92
Guangdong Mingyang SCD2750 Guangdong Mingyang SCD3000/100
Guangdong Mingyang SCD3000/92 Guodian UP100
Guodian UP100-DD Guodian UP100/3000 IIA LT
Guodian UP103 Guodian UP103
Guodian UP108 Guodian UP120/3000 IIIA
Guodian UP136 Guodian UP77
Guodian UP77-IIa+ Guodian UP82
Guodian UP82-IIa+ Guodian UP86
Guodian UP86-IVb Guodian UP96
Guodian UP97 Hanjin HJWT1500/77
Hanjin HJWT2000/87 Hanjin HJWT2000/93
Hewind HW103 2.5 MW Hewind HW110 2.0 MW
Hewind HW110 2.5 MW Hewind HW152 6.0 MW
Hewind HW43 600 kW Hewind HW50 780 kW
Hewind HW77 1.5 MW Hewind HW82 1.5 MW
Hewind HW82 1.5 MW Hewind HW87 1.5 MW
Hewind HW92 1.5 MW Hewind HW97 2.5 MW
HSW 1000 HSW 250
HSW 750 Hyosung HS50-750MW
Hyosung HS90-2MW Hyundai AV928
Hyundai HQ1650/77 Hyundai HQ1650/82
Hyundai HQ2000/76 Hyundai HQ2000/86
Hyundai HQ2000/93 Hyundai HQ5500/127
Hyundai HQ5500/140 HZ Windpower H56-850
HZ Windpower H82-2000 HZ Windpower H87-2000
HZ Windpower H93-2000 IMPSA IWP-70-1500
IMPSA IWP-70-1500 IMPSA IWP-70-1800
IMPSA IWP-70-2100 IMPSA IWP-77-1800
IMPSA IWP-77-2200 IMPSA IWP-83-2100
IMPSA IWP-85-2000 IMPSA IWP-V70-1500
IMPSA IWP-V77-1500 IMPSA IWP-V82-1500
India Wind Power IWPL-29/250 Inerjy EcoVert 300
Innovative Windpower Falcon 1.25 MW-62 Innovative Windpower Falcon 1.25 MW-64
Innovative Windpower Falcon 1.25 MW-70 Inox fs22\f1 Wind
ITP 250 kW ITP 900 kW -
ITP 900 kW-54 Jacobs 41/500
Jacobs 43/500 Jacobs 43/600
Jacobs 48/600 Jacobs 48/750
Jacobs MD70 Jacobs MD77
Jeumont J48/750 JSW J82
Kenersys K100 Kenersys K110
Kenersys K120 Kenersys K82
Kenetech USW33 Koncar K80
Koncar KO-VA 57/1 Lagerwey L100/1500
Lagerwey L82/2000 Lagerwey L90
Lagerwey LW100/2500 Lagerwey LW100/3000
Lagerwey LW132/3800 Lagerwey LW250-27
Lagerwey LW250-30 Lagerwey LW750-52
Lagerwey LW90/2600 Lagerwey LW93/1500
Lagerwey LW93/2500 Lagerwey LW93/2600
Leitwind LTW101-2500 Leitwind LTW101-3000
Leitwind LTW104-2000 Leitwind LTW104-2500
Leitwind LTW106 Leitwind LTW62
Leitwind LTW70-1500 Leitwind LTW70-1700
Leitwind LTW70-2000 Leitwind LTW77-1000
Leitwind LTW77-1350 Leitwind LTW77-1500
Leitwind LTW77-800 Leitwind LTW77-850
Leitwind LTW80-1500 Leitwind LTW80-1800
Leitwind LTW80-850 Leitwind LTW86-1500
Leitwind LTW93 M Torres MT TWT 100/2500
M Torres MT TWT 109/2500 M Torres MT TWT 70/1650
M Torres MT TWT 77/1500 M Torres MT TWT 77/1650
M Torres MT TWT 82/1650 M Torres MT TWT 90/2500
Made AE-30 Made AE-32
Made AE-45 Made AE-46/I
Made AE-52 Made AE-56
Made AE-59 Made AE-61
Made AE-90 Mapna Group Mapna 2.5 MW
MBB Monopteros M30 MBB Monopteros M50
Mervento 3.6-118 Mitsubishi MHI500
Mitsubishi MWT-100-2.4 Mitsubishi MWT-1000-57
Mitsubishi MWT-1000-61 Mitsubishi MWT-102-2.4
Mitsubishi MWT-275-28 Mitsubishi MWT-300-29
Mitsubishi MWT-450-39 Mitsubishi MWT-600-45
Mitsubishi MWT-600-47 Mitsubishi MWT-92-2.3
Mitsubishi MWT-95 Mitsubishi SeaAngel 7/165
Moncada Energy Group WPR 850/58 Multibrid M5000
Navantia-Siemens Bonus Mk-IV Navantia-Siemens Izar 55/1300
Navantia-Siemens S-82 NedWind 35/500
NedWind 40/500 NedWind 44/500
NedWind 53/1000 Neg Micon M1500-500
Neg Micon M1500-600 Neg Micon M1500-750
Neg Micon M1500-750/48 Neg Micon M1800-600/44
Neg Micon M1800-600/46 Neg Micon M1800-600/48
Neg Micon M1800-750/48 Neg Micon M250/24
Neg Micon M400 Neg Micon M530
Neg Micon M530/24 Neg Micon M570
Neg Micon M700-225 Neg Micon M750
Neg Micon M750-400/100 Neg Micon NM43/600
Neg Micon NM44/750 Neg Micon NM48/750
Neg Micon NM52/900 Neg Micon NM60/1000
Neg Micon NM600/48 Neg Micon NM64/1500
Neg Micon NM64c/1500 Neg Micon NM72/1650
Neg Micon NM72/2000 Neg Micon NM72/2100
Neg Micon NM72c/1500 Neg Micon NM80/2500
Neg Micon NM80/2750 Neg Micon NM80/2875
Neg Micon NM82/1500 Neg Micon NM82/1650
Neg Micon NM92/2750 Neg Micon NM950/54
NEPC 200/30 NEPC 225/40
NEPC 250/50 NEPC 400/100
Nordex N100/2500 Nordex N100/3300
Nordex N117/2400 Nordex N117/3000
Nordex N131 Nordex N150/6000
Nordex N27/225 Nordex N27/250
Nordex N29/250 Nordex N43/600
Nordex N50/800 Nordex N52/800
Nordex N54/1000 Nordex N56/1300
Nordex N60/1300 Nordex N62/1300
Nordex N77 Nordex N80/2400
Nordex N80/2500 Nordex N82
Nordex N90/2300 Nordex N90/2500
Nordex N90/2500 Offshore Nordex S43
Nordex S62 Nordex S70
Nordex S77 Nordex S82
Nordic Windpower N1000-54 Nordic Windpower N1000-59
Nordtank NTK1500/60 Nordtank NTK300/31
Nordtank NTK500/37 Nordtank NTK550/41
Nordtank NTK600/43 Nordwind NW 44-500
Nordwind NW 47-850 HY-P Northern Power Systems Northern Power 2.0/110
Northern Power Systems Northern Power 2.2/100 Northern Power Systems Northern Power 2.3/93
Norwin 29-STALL-200 kW Norwin 29-STALL-225 kW
Norwin 33-STALL-200 kW Norwin 46-ASR-599 kW
Norwin 46-ASR-750 kW Norwin 47-ASR-500 kW
Norwin 47-ASR-750 kW NRG Patagonia NRG 1500
Palmtree Power Palmtree 300 Pioneer Power Solutions P1650 -70
Pioneer Power Solutions P1650 -77 Pioneer Power Solutions P1650 -80
Pioneer Wincon P250/29 Pioneer Wincon P750/49
PowerWind 100 PowerWind 500
PowerWind 56 PowerWind 60
PowerWind 90 Prokon P3000/110
Prokon P3000/116 Regen Powertech Vensys V70
Regen Powertech Vensys V77 Regen Powertech Vensys V82
Regen Powertech Vensys Repower 3.0M122
Repower 3.2M114 Repower 3.4M104
Repower 57/1000 Repower 5M
Repower 6.2M152 Repower 6M
Repower MD70 Repower MD77
Repower MM100 Repower MM70
Repower MM82 Repower MM82 Evo
Repower MM82/2050 Repower MM92
Repower MM92 Evo Repower MM92/2050
RRB Energy PS-1800 RRB Energy PS-600
RRB Energy V27-225 RRB Energy V39-500
Sabaniroo S47-660 Samsung 25s
Samsung 25x Samsung 7.0-171
Sany SE11030III-S Sany SE7715
Sany SE7715-L Sany SE8215
Sany SE8215-3 Sany SE8215-L
Sany SE8715 Sany SE8715-L
Sany SE8720III Sany SE8720IIIE60HZ
Sany SE9320III-3 Sany SE9320III-S3
Scanwind SW-100-3500 DL Scanwind SW-90-3500 DL
Schuler Pressen SDD 100 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ100/3.0
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ103/3.0 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ105/3.0
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ113/3.0 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ127/6.0
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ150/10 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ70/1.5
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ77/1.5 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ77/2.0
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ78/1.5 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ82/1.5
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ82/2.0 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ87/2.0
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ88/2.5 Shandong Swiss Electric YZ90/2.5
Shandong Swiss Electric YZ97/2.5 Shanghai fs22\f1 Electric
Shanghai Electric W1250/64 Shanghai Electric W1250/70
Shanghai Electric W2000/105 Shanghai Electric W2000/87
Shanghai Electric W2000/93 Shanghai Electric W2000/99
Shanghai Electric W3600/116 Shanghai Electric W3600/122
Shanghai Wande Wind Power W82-2000 Shanghai Wande Wind Power WD59-1250
Shanghai Wande Wind Power WD71-1500/12 Shanghai Wande Wind Power WD77-1500/11
Shriram EPC SEPC 250T Siemens SWT-1.0-54
Siemens SWT-1.3-62 Siemens SWT-2.3-101
Siemens SWT-2.3-101 DD Siemens SWT-2.3-108
Siemens SWT-2.3-113 Siemens SWT-2.3-82
Siemens SWT-2.3-82 VS Siemens SWT-2.3-93
Siemens SWT-2.35-108 Siemens SWT-3.0-101
Siemens SWT-3.0-108 Siemens SWT-3.0-113
Siemens SWT-3.6-107 Siemens SWT-3.6-120
Siemens SWT-4.0-120 Siemens SWT-4.0-130
Siemens SWT-4.0-130 Siemens SWT-6.0-120
Siemens SWT-6.0-154 Sinovel FD70B
Sinovel FL1500/70 Sinovel FL1500/77
Sinovel GTW 1500KW Sinovel SL 1500/60
Sinovel SL 1500/70 Sinovel SL 1500/77
Sinovel SL 1500/82 Sinovel SL 3000/100
Sinovel SL 3000/105 Sinovel SL 3000/113
Sinovel SL 3000/90 Sinovel SL 3600/116
Sinovel SL 5000 Sinovel SL 6000
SIVA 200 SIVA 225/40
SIVA 250/50 Southern Wind Farms GWL225/40
Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 1000 Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 1650
Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 200 Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 250
Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 300 Soyut Wind Soyut Wind 500
SRC Green Power SRC 250/50 Statoil Hywind
STX Windpower STX72 STX Windpower STX72 1.5 MW
STX Windpower STX82 1.5 MW STX Windpower STX82 2.0 MW
STX Windpower STX93 2.0 MW Subaru Subaru 80/2.0
SUREnergy SURNPS 29-225 SUREnergy SURNPS 47-600
SUREnergy SURNPS 54-1000 SUREnergy SURNPS 54-750
SUREnergy SURNPS 57-750 SUREnergy SURNPS 59-1000
Suzlon S33/350 Suzlon S52/600
Suzlon S60/1000 Suzlon S62/1000
Suzlon S64/1250 Suzlon S64/950
Suzlon S66/1250 Suzlon S70/1250
Suzlon S82/1500 Suzlon S88/2100
Suzlon S88/2250 Suzlon S95/2100
Suzlon S97/2100 Sway 10 MW
S\'FCdwind S31/250 S\'FCdwind S48/600
S\'FCdwind S70/1500 S\'FCdwind S77/1500
Tacke 1.5i Tacke 1.5s
Tacke TW-250 Tacke TW-500
Tacke TW-600 Turbowinds T300-28
Turbowinds T400-34 Turbowinds T500-48
Turbowinds T600-48 Unison U50
Unison U54 Unison U57
Unison U88 Unison U93
Vensys 100 Vensys 109
Vensys 112 Vensys 112-3000
Vensys 120 Vensys 62
Vensys 64 Vensys 70
Vensys 77 Vensys 82
Vensys 87 Vensys 90
Vergnet GEV 26/200 Vergnet GEV 26/220
Vergnet GEV HP 1000/55 Vergnet GEV HP 1000/58
Vergnet GEV HP 1000/62 Vergnet GEV MP 200/30
Vergnet GEV MP 200/32 Vergnet GEV MP 250/28
Vergnet GEV MP 250/30 Vergnet GEV MP 250/32
Vergnet GEV MP 275/28 Vergnet GEV MP 275/30
Vergnet GEV MP 275/32 Vestas M64 Lownoise
Vestas Multipower 52 Vestas NM44
Vestas NM48 Vestas NM52
Vestas NM60 Vestas NM64
Vestas NM72 Vestas NM82
Vestas NM82/1650 Vestas V100/1800
Vestas V100/2000 Vestas V100/2600
Vestas V100/2750 Vestas V100/3000
Vestas V105/3300 Vestas V110/2000
Vestas V112/3000 Vestas V112/3000
Vestas V112/3000 Offshore Vestas V112/3300
Vestas V117/3300 Vestas V126/3000
Vestas V126/3300 Vestas V164/7000
Vestas V164/8000 Vestas V23/200
Vestas V25/200 Vestas V27/225
Vestas V27/270 Vestas V29/225
Vestas V34/400 Vestas V39/500
Vestas V39/600 Vestas V42/500
Vestas V42/600 Vestas V44/600
Vestas V47/660 Vestas V52/850
Vestas V60/850 Vestas V60/850
Vestas V66/1750 Vestas V70/1650
Vestas V80/1800 Vestas V80/2000
Vestas V82/1500 Vestas V82/1650
Vestas V90/1800 Vestas V90/2000
Vestas V90/3000 Vestas V90/3000 Offshore
Vestas WD34 Vindsyssel VS270/26
W2E FL1250 W2E W2E-100/2.0
W2E W2E-100/2.5 W2E W2E-103/2.5
W2E W2E-120/3fc W2E W2E-93/2.0
W2E W80 W2E W90
Wikov W2000/76 Wikov W2000/86
Wikov W2000/93 Wincon W200/24
Wincon W200/26 Wincon W250/29
Wincon W600/45 Wind Energy Group Ltd MS3-300
Wind Technik Nord 200/26 Wind Technik Nord 250/30
Wind Technik Nord 500 Wind Technik Nord 646
Wind Technik Nord 648 Wind World W2320/200
Wind World W250/29 Wind World W2500/220
Wind World W2530/250 Wind World W3700/500
Wind World W4800/750 Wind World W5200/750
Wind World W600/42 Windey WD100-2500
Windey WD103-2500 Windey WD25-250kW
Windey WD48-750 Windey WD49-750kW
Windey WD50-750kW Windey WD52-800kW
Windey WD70-1500 Windey WD77-1500
Windey WD82-1500 Windey WD92-2500
Windflow Windflow 500 Windmaster WM22/200
Windmaster WM28/300 Windmaster WM33/500
Windmaster WM40/750 Windmaster WM43/750
Windmatic 200 Windstrom Frisia F48
Windstrom Frisia F56 Windtec 1566
Windtec 1570 Windtec 646
Windtec Floda 500 Windtec Floda 600
Windtec WT10000dd/190 SeaTitan Windtec WT1650df/70
Windtec WT1650df/77 Windtec WT1650df/82
Windtec WT2000dc/86 Windtec WT2000dc/93
Windtec WT2000df/80 Windtec WT2000fc/80
Windtec WT2000fc/86 Windtec WT2000fc/93
Windtec WT3000dd/120 Windtec WT3000dd/125
Windtec WT3000df/120 Windtec WT3000df/91
Windtec WT3000fc/113 Windtec WT3000fc/116
Windtec WT3000fc/120 Windtec WT3000fc/91
Windtec WT5500df/140 Windtec WT5500fc/140
Winwind WinWinD 3 120 Winwind WWD-1-60
Winwind WWD-1-64 Winwind WWD-3-100
Winwind WWD-3-103 Winwind WWD-3-109
Winwind WWD-3-90 WKA 60/1
WKA 60/2 Wobben E40/500
Wobben E40/600 Wobben E44/900
Wobben E48/800 Wobben E70/2000
Wobben E70/2300 Wobben E82/2000
Wobben E82/2300 Wobben E82/3000
XEMC-Darwind XD115-4500 XEMC-Darwind XE/DD115
XEMC-Darwind XE/DD126 XEMC-Darwind XE105-2000
XEMC-Darwind XE72-2000 XEMC-Darwind XE82-2000
XEMC-Darwind XE87-2000 XEMC-Darwind XE93-2000
Zond Z-40 Zond Z-46
Zond Z-48 Zond Z-50

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Hot Flush uses a patented process that cleans in a truly superior way. It removes the smallest of particles. It works incredibly fast. It is easy to use. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the machine or how it works. If you are tired of dealing with failures after a fresh build, hot flush can solve your contamination problems. Our patented process works better than anything you’ve ever tried. Guaranteed.

There are many different real-life examples we can share with you if you decide to get in contact. Our previous work and results will help illustrate why Hot Flush delivers a cleaning ability you need for your important application. In addition to a great functioning oil cooler / heat exchanger, Hot Flush is extremely cost effective—able to pay for itself and save you money well into the future. It is a simple, affordable, and effective solution we would be happy to tell you more about!

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